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Ashley McFarland

Licensed Social Worker


Bonnie Tanz

Social Worker

Chrystal Hamilton-Dorelien

Licensed Social Worker

Kate McKinney

Clinical Social Worker

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One of our founders remembers her grandfather using heart of pine to build fires on chilly East Texas nights. The "heart" of the pine tree is known to be particularly strong and resilient. It is also a fire starter: ignition for a larger, warmer glow.


Our name, The Pineheart Center, is derived from this idea. We are here to support our clients in accessing their metaphorical pineheart, their innate inner wisdom that can ignite a fire of genuine connectedness to ourselves and each other. We support families from the beginning, when they are first preparing to welcome a child into their home, into the depths of parenting as time and age reveal more opportunities for growth. It is an honor to walk alongside you on this journey. 

Ashley McFarland

Ashley is a Licensed Master of Social Work and a TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) trained practitioner with more than 12 years of experience working with children, teens and their families.  Ashley is passionate about providing care that is both trauma-informed and strengths-focused. She specializes in parent education, working with dynamic and complex teenagers, and using her pragmatism to support the stability of the entire family unit through coaching. Ashley’s work is informed by her training as a social worker, her experience parenting two children, and her faith.


Bonnie Tanz

Bonnie is a Master of Social Work with over 17 years of experience working with children and families. Bonnie spent the first 10 years of her career in the Texas child welfare system, working to support families through the complexities and vagaries of foster care and childhood trauma. Bonnie moved to Germany in 2017 where her career has focused on early childhood development and school counseling. Bonnie uses her compassionate nature and enthusiasm for interpersonal connection to empower young people to see their inherent value. She helps families and adolescents navigate their daily lives by building a foundation for mental wellness that will continue to serve them in both the present and the future.


Chrystal Hamilton-Dorelien 

Chrystal is a Licensed Master of Social Work with over 18 years of experience in child and family services. She began her career in New Mexico where she worked with adolescent girls in residential treatment and youth in the criminal justice system. Her career has expanded to experiences with marginalized populations, foster care, adoption, program development & supervision, social service system administration, professional development facilitation, case management software consultation, and family assessment. In her personal life, Chrystal is involved in various community organizations, enjoys spending time with her family, and passionately cultivates her inner creativity through the arts. It is this spirit of creativity that she brings into work with her clients: supporting each individual as they more deeply connect with themselves and discover their fullest, truest expression.


Kate McKinney

Kate is a Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years of experience working with children and families. As both a mother and an experienced play therapist, Kate believes in the healing power of attunement and shared joy. This is what her trauma-informed clinical work seeks to promote within the family unit. With vast experience working in the child welfare system, Kate's specialties include preparing family assessments, attachment-focused play therapy, and supporting parents as they navigate the complex and beautiful experience of raising a child.

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