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Home Studies/Adoption Evaluations

We provide initial and updated adoption evaluations for domestic adoptions and second parent/step parent/relative adoptions.

Home Studies/Adoption Evaluations

A Home Study/Adoption Evaluation is a formal assessment of a prospective adoptive family by a licensed professional credentialed in the State of Texas. It involves an application, references, and a series of interviews performed by the professional with all family members. The final result is a comprehensive legal document that justifies to a court why you, as a family, are qualified to care for an adoptive child. Every adoptive family is required to have an approved Home Study before an adoption can be legally consummated.

At The Pineheart Center, PLLC, we enthusiastically work with all families, regardless of their makeup. This includes two-parent households, single-parent households, and same-sex households.

We are able to provide a Home Study/Adoption Evaluation for families seeking the following types of adoption:
Domestic Adoption
Second Parent/Step-Parent/Relative Adoption
Embryo Adoption
Home Study Updates (required every 12 months and after a major life change in the adoptive family)

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